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Here are some of the things I have worked on lately!

BioSig Brand Guidelines

CLIENT: BioSig Technologies

ROLE: Art Director and Designer

INDUSTRY: Healthcare


BioSig is a healthcare and technology start up that came to us for help with their brand. We did a complete overhaul that covered strategy, personas, identity matrix and all visual elements. The end document is a robust 80+ page guide. This company also contains product sub-brands that we had to take into account and design mini-standards within the larger brand itself.


Georgia Pacific Paper Products

CLIENT: Angel Soft, Dixie, Brawny, Quilted Northern & Vanity Fair

ROLE: Art Director and Designer

INDUSTRY: Grocery/Retail 

Georgia Pacific offers a range of paper product brands distributed nationwide. In my role as the brand lead, I contributed to GP's presence in grocery stores through diverse channels, including digital on-site and off-site ad placements, as well as standard print advertising.


Bellevue University Organic Social Media

CLIENT: Collegis Education for Bellevue University

ROLE: Art Director and Designer

INDUSTRY: Education

Bellevue University is a liberal arts college based in Bellevue, WA. As a strategic partner with Bellevue we created the editorial calendar, content, imagery and engagement strategy behind their organic social media presence.


Bellevue University Balancing Work & School video

CLIENT: Collegis Education for Bellevue University

ROLE: Art Director

INDUSTRY: Education


I took this video from concept, pitch, storyboarding and production. We worked with a production company to execute the video and took the footage in house for editing. The video is 1 minute :42 seconds in length and we created shorter cut downs for use in social advertising.

Final video can be found on YouTube.


Downtown Piano Project

CLIENT: Williston Downtowners Association

ROLE: Creative Director and Artist

INDUSTRY: Non-Profit Organization


I was commissioned to paint a piano in the heart of downtown Williston, North Dakota. I submitted by design and was chosen to be one of eight artists who painted their pianos for a live audience on June 1, 2018.


Invisalign Summer Promotion

CLIENT: Heartland Dental

ROLE: Art Director and Designer

INDUSTRY: Healthcare

Heartland Dental is a Dental Support Organization that supports over 1,500 dental offices around the country. Our task was to craft a captivating campaign for the Invisalign product line, aiming to motivate young patients to initiate treatment during the summer season.


Young Bucks Brand Pattern

CLIENT: Young Bucks Coffee

ROLE: Designer

INDUSTRY: Food & Beverage

A coffee shop  in Williston, North Dakota commissioned a custom pattern for their cups. I worked with the shop owner to create a fun and playful pattern that showcases many aspects of the coffee business including beans, plants and a portafilter. 

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